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Pick me ups

As the weather isn’t turning sunny side up until tomorrow, let’s have a few blazing tunes to perk up the weekend lunchtime.


Raymond Scott is a bona fide genius. His jazz sweeps through you with supreme verve, the crackly warm tone of past production surely bringing a smile to your face.

Where did I first hear Raymond Scott? At the highly entertaining Perhaps Contraption’s recent gig at Rich Mix no less. Catch this fantastic London band when you can!

Vocal bliss is very much the driving force behind Amsterdam’s Floatmonki, but the underlying ‘polyrhythmic trip-jazz’ music is exceedingly fluent, seeking out those endorphins of yours. Long live Donna Van Dijck……..

They’ve shed two key members, and lost their more alternative style of writing, but White Denim can still pump out a fun time, bluesy psychedelic tune when needed. Catch them at the Roundhouse in October.

Have a lovely Saturday whatever you do!


Breaking in the new year

Did I include pouring boundless energy into more blog posts as one of my new year’s resolutions? Clearly I didn’t, but neither have I actively searched out music new to my lugs as of late.  Oh how I have missed it.


With the turn of the year, there are many new releases to look forward to and gigs a plenty booked, with Partisans, Blue Touch Paper, Tera Melos, Get The Blessing, RX Bandits and my second outing to White Denim all firmly planted on the radar.

Let’s keep it short and sweet: I’ve been keeping one track on loop for the past week or so, namely Tidal Wave by Thee Oh Sees. It’s one mother of a dusty groove, with the reverb pushed all the way to form an overdriven psychedelic haze.


Sometimes your luck runs out……..

On Tuesday last week, I was fortunate enough to be perusing the London gig listings on the TimeOut website and unearthed the fact that the Hot Club of Cowtown were playing the Cecil Sharp House the following night – cue a mad rush to get tickets followed by a joyous evening of expertly delivered jazz.

With this band however I have not been so lucky. White Denim are playing two nights at the Village Underground this month, with both sold out. Bah.


Released this year, Corsicana Lemonade is the latest album from White Denim and is a dandy mix of math grooves, bluesy country licks, happy-go-lucky waltzes and that unmistakable American vocal tone and style. Come Back is a prime cut of music – tricky guitar work, super tight rhythm and reverb drenched vocals. The chorus in particular is laden with sweet drum hi-hat stabs and repeating musical motifs, the first at 0.47 to 1.03.

The album as a whole has its meandering moments, as well as featuring an almost carbon copy chord progression of Thin Lizzy’s Don’t Believe A Word on the opening track, but contains enough decent material packed full of ideas to keep one thoroughly hooked.

I might add that in comparison to the other album of theirs I purchased, Last Day Of Summer, Corsicana Lemonade is a much more breezy and straightforward affair. Perhaps more radio friendly if you will, no doubt down to the slicker production and more accessible sound. The below tracks, I’d Have It Just The Way We Were and Home Together, are the first two songs from Last Day of Summer. The former showcases the intricacies and technicality the group are capable of, with inventive drumming from 0.58, while the latter has a superb vocal melody. I could not afford to leave one or the other out.

Go out and explore White Denim. They have a sound which they can call their own, which is all too often a rarity these days.