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I’m sorry, but sometimes, you just need a brutal song with an unashamedly grab your crotch tendency. It’s not new to the table, but it is exactly what Animals As Leaders Tooth And Claw does, taken from the album The Joy Of Motion.


Two eight string guitars and drums – we have perfectly distorted metal tones, stereotypical double kick everywhere, twin harmonies just on the right side of cheesy, and then, at 0.52, a crushing breakdown of riffing on a glorious single detuned string. It’s bloody great. Even the opportune guitar solo is fairly restrained and tasteful, a casual sweep here and there. An odd, mobile phone-esque interlude completes the balls to the wall oblivion.

The rest of the album? Sure, it’s does what it says on the tin (Para Mexer is particularly worth checking out for its nylon goodness), but this track reigns supreme.

I hope your head blows off.