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So much music, so little time.

As the title suggests, there just isn’t enough time to devour the music that sits in the airwaves before us.

This little selection of tunes is what has been tickling my ear drums as of late……

Purchased on a whim this morning, from the café nearest to my flat, this sweet little number from Tassia Reis is one of many highlights from the compilation album John Armstrong Presents Afrobeat Brasil. 

The criminally underrated Brewis brothers are at it again with Field Music’s latest offering: Open Here. As is customary, the critics are lapping it up and why shouldn’t they? The wonderfully delicate and Beatlesesque title track evidences the strength of songwriting on offer here.

Whilst you may question the wisdom in using a rather irritating sounding synth, there is no doubting Hiromi’s natural genius when it comes to the piano. Bask in the filth at 1.46.

Tera Melos remain a stalwart band of their scene, releasing Trash Generator late last year. 

Finally, the brilliant Norwegian saxophonist Marius Neset, who I had the pleasure of seeing last weekend. Unfortunately, I am unable to source some of the great tracks off his latest offering, Circle of Chimes, but this short video of his group playing with the London Sinfonietta should serve to demonstrate his extraordinary talent and composing ability.




Breaking in the new year

Did I include pouring boundless energy into more blog posts as one of my new year’s resolutions? Clearly I didn’t, but neither have I actively searched out music new to my lugs as of late.  Oh how I have missed it.


With the turn of the year, there are many new releases to look forward to and gigs a plenty booked, with Partisans, Blue Touch Paper, Tera Melos, Get The Blessing, RX Bandits and my second outing to White Denim all firmly planted on the radar.

Let’s keep it short and sweet: I’ve been keeping one track on loop for the past week or so, namely Tidal Wave by Thee Oh Sees. It’s one mother of a dusty groove, with the reverb pushed all the way to form an overdriven psychedelic haze.


Tera Melos

It has been a while since I’ve posted, no thanks to O2 and their absurdly long wait to be connected to the internet. But, in the time that I have been left to my own devices, I have spun the new Tera Melos album roughly a thousand times.


To categorise Tera Melos is a dangerous task, and their previous albums have defied all manner of labels. Nick Reinhart (guitarist and vocalist) is a man clearly inspired by everything, and his music proves this. He also holds an innate ability to fit catchy guitar hooks around seemingly incomprehensible drumming, most obviously in his side project Bygones with Zach Hill (such as the song Error), which is another fantastic album by the by.

But with their newest album X’ed Out, Tera Melos have swapped the long, progressive numbers that formed previous album Patagonian Rats for well constructed (dare I say it) pop songs. The length of the songs have been reduced, the ideas are more focused and the vocals are pushed to the forefront. However, the musically demented nature of the group remains with odd time signatures and effects galore, though there are a few spacey vocal gems dotted throughout the record, most notably Snake Lake and No Phase.

Until Lufthansa showcases perfectly the nature of Tera Melos and their evolving direction: not entirely shaking off their math moniker with phenomenal musicianship, but producing noticeably more accessible and upbeat music.

Compare this to Melody 4 from their first album and you get the picture (check out the 7/8 guitar riff over the 4/4 drum beat from 3.35).

As an insight into how tight a band can be, this live video for the song When Worms Learn To Fly is a feat of musicianship and an entirely confuddling experience. Most of all though, it’s fantastic.

All in all, get X’ed Out! I can not for the life of me stop listening to it right now. God bless Nick Reinhart.