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Well now, which is better?

Without the two arbitrary trees, this portrait wouldn't be the shit.

Without the two arbitrary trees, this portrait would be just plain shit.

A simple thought for this blog:

I have recently heard Blood, Sweat & Tears for the first time.

‘Have you been living in a cave?!’ I hear you cry.

I haven’t, no.

After only ever knowing the James Brown version of the song Spinning Wheel, a lyricless, smooth groover of a tune, it has come to my attention that Blood, Sweat & Tears actually wrote the blarthy thing. And it’s a red-blooded number at that. Which one can lay claim to the crown however? I can’t decide either way.

Have a listen and make your minds up. Then let me know.



Always fall back on a legend

I’ve been particularly lazy on the blog front for the past week or so, not helped by the fact that I am missing sections of my music library. It seems I failed to copy across my music from one hard drive to the other, with the complete library left over the pond in Guernsey. Bugger.


Anyhow, personal grievances aside, everyone knows the brilliance of James Brown. If you are yet to witness this video of his medley performance on the Sammy Davis Jr show, then I hope it brings as much enjoyment to you as it has done for me. The band is phenomenal, from the tight drum stabs at 1.02 to 1.04 to the sweet switch of rhythm at 3.37. And as for the man himself……..the screeches, the dance moves, the synchronised microphone jolts with the band: you just don’t see this kind of thing anymore.

Just be sure to see the introduction of the cape at 5.36. Pure genius.