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Apologies, apologies.

It’s been absolutely yonks since I shared anything on this blog. Consequently, I’ve picked up way too much music and given myself a bit of a backlog. Let’s do this quick fire.

I love this band. I love this band. I love this band. And this track, my God………it’s not for everyone and I’m a relative newcomer to them, but oh Bubblemath, you’ve made my year. Avoid That Eye Candy makes me want to jump up and down; not in a particularly rhythmic way, just the stupid House of Pain, dog on a leash sort of motion. What the hell happens to the drums at 0.36-38? How do the changes fit so well together? It’s genius.


Oh Yeah by Dutch Uncles. Label buddies of long time favourites Field Music, it’s a similar art poppy, catchy clever thing. A pleasantly surprising highlight of this year’s Glastonbury, the band’s latest album is undoubtedly worth a spin.

Speaking of long time favourites and somehow escaping my attention, Deerhoof’s contribution to 2016 was releasing two albums. Life Is Suffering is the band at its best: muddy grooves, DIY guitars and those signature vocals. Immerse and appreciate.

I first heard of Nickel Creek when I was maybe 15 years old, the virtuoso mandolin player gracing the front of my Guitarist magazine. I didn’t take my intrigue any further. Rekindling my interest only now, their last album, Dotted Line, is friggin’ great. Though there are a host of self penned country niceties, the cover of Mother Mother’s Hayloft is a real treat. It’s better than the original dare I say.

Another Glastonbury highlight, I don’t really need to say anything more about the great Thundercat. Just buy his latest album, Drunk.

I’ve outstayed my welcome. To leave with, the ‘technical sunshine instrumental offering of the year’ award goes to Chon. I uncomfortably listened to these guys at first, now I will unashamedly promote them to the hilt.  Here And There from this year’s album Homey brings the West Coast to your doorstep.

And that is what has been perpetrating my ear drums for the prior months. May it do the same to yours.