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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Floats my boat

January is over, long live February. These are the tunes that have been penetrating my ears over the past month:


Last Friday, Laura and I had the privilege of watching Empirical, joined by Jason Rebello and Jean Toussaint, play their interpretation the music of a ‘mad genius’ I’d never come across before, a certain Andrew Hill. Plenty more albums to purchase therefore! This lovely little number, Black Fire, is the from the 1964 album of the same name. This gig was part of a set of shows that Empirical will be curating at Kings Place, check it out.

Moving swiftly on, we have classical composer supreme Joseph Haydn. Annoyingly, I have only just given his Symphony No. 101, otherwise known as The Clock, the time of day it deserves, and boy what a piece of music it is. The last section of the movement, Finale: Vivace, is compellingly elegant; a calming but bustling adrenaline floods my system whenever I hear it.

I know absolutely nothing about Pete Josef, but he popped up on the speakers at a Sunday lunch I recently went to. It stuck with me, especially from 1.09 onward.


In my humble opinion, Takuya Kuroda’s latest album Zigzagger is very much hit and miss, but R.S.B.D is undeniably groovy. Listen to 0.43 to 1.03 to see what I mean.

And finally, I’ve always been incredibly fond of The Coral, who hasn’t really? A recent trip down memory lane has had me listening through their back catalogue again; what a body of music they have created. Careless Hands, a gem of tune, is from second album Magic and Medicine.