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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Library additions

Earn money – spend money – tune abundance.


American heavyweights Battles have served up their third album, La Di Da Di, following what seems like an eon since Gloss Drop. Though their music has noticeably failed to reach the heights of debut album Mirrored, what they lack in melody and cohesion is swept away by the superb drumming of John Stanier.

So while we have this……

… unfortunately does not quite live up to this.

Nevertheless, the new album is worth a good listen.

Purchased just this second from those good people over at Cuneiform Records, Le Rex are living Swiss proof that a string free society could be a good thing.

With their full length debut album, A Beautiful Life, out this winter, Let’s Talk Daggers have very quickly become a favourite of mine; I await the album with hyper eager anticipation. For people who enjoy simplicity.

Should you wish to help them out by pre-ordering their album (always a good thing), there is a very short amount of time with which to do so: