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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Another sound for sore ears

I have the good folk over at Musical Mathematics to thank for coming across this little gem of a band – Oakland, CA based Feed Me Jack.


There is something about our friends across the pond that really comes through in the production of their records and songwriting style. While Britain’s tone seems dirty and gritty fairly often, America feels like a shimmering sunny breeze. Not always in a good way, but the majority of the time working to great effect. Cue the group’s EP Anatolia.

So what to listen to? Opener Knight Fork is a clear highlight, all trickling keys and tumbling jazz chords. The vocals serve to enhance the infectious smoothness of it all, grabbing your attention as it fleetingly passes you by, hitting home with the ending crescendo. And coming in at just over a minute, (Da Da Da) is mostly certainly worth your time, because it’s just bloody lovely really. As far as plucky guitar melodies go, this finds the sweet spot.

Released way back in October 2013, following their raw and less focused debut album Chumpfrey back in 2010, Anatolia is a pleasure to listen to.