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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Blasted from the deafening Macbeth speakers

Oh little blog, how I have neglected thee. Something suitably spasmodic should blow away the cobwebs and remaining tumbleweed.

LTM - Sax Ruins  (8)

Turns out this Tatsuya Yoshida is quite well-known in Japan, and why wouldn’t he be? He is quite simply phenomenal behind the drum kit. Alto saxophonist Ono Ryoko isn’t too shabby either. Together they form Sax Ruins. The tune in question, Yawiquo (taken from the album of the same name), is a disconcerting mix of abrasive stops, water tight playing and chaotic noise; yet, it retains a discernible groove. No more so than the lovely drop that first appears at 1.37. Then even more so at 2.29. Continue and you will be rewarded with changes in direction that would not be obviously apparent.

Enjoy (or try to).