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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Sorry, what was that?

Quick fire blogs, huzzah!

For some, a tune that you can’t remember after one listen isn’t worth its salt. If you can’t even hum something after five listens, it could send a minority of people into a full-blooded rage. There are songs that you can’t work out after even twenty listens………and I bloody love it when that is the case.

Coming to a living room near you soon.

Coming to a living room near you soon.

Two parts ex-Rolo Tomassi (an absolute favourite of mine in their original form; guitarist Joseph Nicholson, a mind bendingly brilliant musician, and the abundantly talented bassist Joseph Thorpe), one part ex-Antares (guitarist Calvin Rhodes) and completed by Ryan Bright on drums, Body Hound are not in the business to repeat anything. Each song must contain nigh on 1500 riffs. This may seem like a bad and overly pretentious ideal, but there is none of that here. It plays with your brain and ears, giving you absolutely no inclination as to where the hell the tune might take you next, working to great effect in building mini math prog epics that exude energy and heavy intricacies. And the drums somehow follow all this woven stringed madness note for note! How?!

Two tracks in particular stand out – Systems firstly, with its plectrum scrapes to high stabs at 0.30; the brilliant break down from 0.59 onwards; the tricky rhythm from 1.34; the lightning quick guitar run followed by cascading drums from 2.28; the chord work til the end. As you might have ascertained, I think rather highly of this tune. The second highlight, Perseus Arm, has thee very nicest intro I’ve heard for a math tune in a long time. I’ll leave it at that.


Cast aside all preconceptions and damning thoughts, have a go. The band’s EP is available for download on Bandcamp at whatever price you choose (be kind).



Thrillers as they should be

Wow, it’s been well over a month, how time has flown, yardy yardy yah, blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaah.

Anyhow, I watched a particularly brilliant and icily captivating thriller last weekend which has instantly propelled itself up my favourites chart – The Conversation.

Gene Hackman’s perpetually paranoid character, the sombre tone, the ponderous storyline……….topped off by one creepy mother of a soundtrack.


Composed by David Shire, the main piano theme hits the spot for me, with its intensely sad feeling but a melody that trills wonderfully. It perfectly conveys the demeanour of the film’s protagonist, but in pure musical terms very much reminds me of Erik Satie. And that’s why I guess it hooked me.

The other main thematic piece, Whatever Was Arranged drives home the feeling of being on the edge, taking a more jazz influenced stance but sounding remarkably close to its above sister track.

So go forth! Watch the film if you have not done so already! But keep an ear out for that tasteful piano in the background.


p.s. Check out the ensemble version of the main theme if you can get your hands on it.