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Monthly Archives: April 2014

The weird, the dissonant, and the blissful

WOW, IT’S BEEN A REALLY LONG TIME SINCE I’VE  POSTED ON MY BLOG. I’m ashamed of myself, I must say. I’ve let down my legions of readers sorely…………Auntie Noreen and whatchamacallit who filled my car up at a Canadian gas station in 2010, I apologise profusely.

Any road, let’s talk about one of the best compilations ever made, for which I have the Welsh brothers Price to thank for introducing to me. The Sounds of Monsterism Island is completely erratic, loopy but incredibly good,  assembled by (or for) Monsterism toy maker and DJ Pete Fowler through the label Forever Heavenly.


You’ll be hard pushed to find a mix of tracks that bring together psychedelic folk, fuzzy compressed riffs, shimmering funk and soft freak outs in a cohesive manner. Martin Denny’s Sake Rock sets the tone rather aptly, an exceedingly pleasurable plodder of a tune that cannot help but make you smile.

From the opening bass slide, to the staccato horns and tasteful wah wah guitar solo, Black Rite by Mandingo has aged gracefully as a catchy, percussive funk number. Check out the horns riff from 2.42.

Their one and only hit, The Witch by The Rattles has everything – energy, tone, creepy strings, hysterical laughing and that intro guitar riff.

Sickly sweet beyond belief, Cotton Candy Sandman (Sandman’s Coming) by Harpers Bizarre is exactly what you would step out to on the most disgustingly happy, stereotypical summer’s day you can imagine. However, it is beautifully constructed and the melodies are second to none. Hats off.

And finally, the piece de resistance, East of Eden’s Jig-A-Jig. The bass line! The ratcheting up of pace and drum beat at 0.53! The violin! Why am I liking traditional music all of a sudden! If you do anything today, then listen to this song once through. It is worth it for the break down at 2.44 alone.

There is so much more to quaff from The Sounds of Monsterism Island, truly a compilation that has to be listened to from start to finish. If you obtain a copy, you will not regret it. Enjoy!