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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Breaking in the new year

Did I include pouring boundless energy into more blog posts as one of my new year’s resolutions? Clearly I didn’t, but neither have I actively searched out music new to my lugs as of late. ¬†Oh how I have missed it.


With the turn of the year, there are many new releases to look forward to and gigs a plenty booked, with Partisans, Blue Touch Paper, Tera Melos, Get The Blessing, RX Bandits and my second outing to White Denim all firmly planted on the radar.

Let’s keep it short and sweet: I’ve been keeping one track on loop for the past week or so, namely Tidal Wave by Thee Oh Sees. It’s one mother of a dusty groove, with the reverb pushed all the way to form an overdriven psychedelic haze.