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Nu-jazz: Empirical

Aaaaaah, jazz, how I love thee. There is not a situation or scenario in the world where jazz is unacceptable to put on. Apart from, perhaps, the murky morning mist of an all night rave. It might grate people somewhat at 5am after dancing like a mentalist to grimy house and electronica, but what do they know?

They probably don’t know too much about Empirical, who have just recently released their fourth album Tabula Rasa featuring the Benyounes String Quartet.


A subtle shift in direction after their previous three albums, Tabula Rasa is worth fishing the coins out of your pocket for the first three tracks alone, especially opener The Simple Light Shines Brightest. After the initial Basquiat Strings-esque intro, it loops into the sweetest drum beat I have heard this year. Play it through decent speakers with a nice sub woofer and you’ll see what I mean. From there on in, the track just gets better and better.

Unfortunately, I am unable to get my grubby mitts on a link to songs from the new album. However, a selection of live videos that demonstrate the talent that Empirical possess are posted below. I would highly recommend checking out their back catalogue, in particular their self titled debut album featuring Kit Downes on keys. For now though, enjoy In The Grill from third album Elements of Truth and Out But In from second album Out ‘n’ In.

Empirical are playing the Purcell Room at Southbank, London on the 16th October. Without a shadow of a doubt, I will be there. Get on it.


About Samuel McKerrell

String plucker who finds it hard to be satisfied with how much music he can listen to at any one time.

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